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Trouble for Retro

by Max Lake - February 16, 2001, 9:06 am EST
Source: Daily Radar

Daily Radar gets half the story.

From Daily Radar comes news that some big things have been happening in Austin, Texas lately. DR indicates that a source within Nintendo notified them that several staff were laid off yesterday while another source reported that two GameCube titles (of a believed total of five NGC projects) were put on hold while staff is redistributed to higher priority titles—obviously one of them is Metroid.

We’ve heard a lot of insane things from Retro, including that there are all kinds of troubles going on. DR’s report confirms many of this and indicates things are worse instead of better. Although DR called Retro for comment, they didn’t have much success. Therefore, despite this news it’s hard to say what will happen to the “on hold” titles and the extent of the layoffs is also unknown. Although its hard to say what condition this Nintendo second-party is in, hopefully the changes will be for the better in the long run.

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