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Jack Sh**

by Billy Berghammer - April 2, 1999, 8:40 am PST

Nothing goin' on here. Exciting stuff inside!

Sorry folks, but to tell you the truth, there hasn't been anything at all happening in the world of the N2000. It is a sad sad thing. Hoping some news pops out of the woodwork today. I have updated links and the faq a bit. So of course, I have been playing games. X-Wing Alliance is awesome! That is if you like Space Sims. Online it is kind of slow, but I'm sure on a T1 or something it's excellent. Plus it's a nice little holdover till the release of Episode 1, and their usual onslaught of new games.

Quake has made a come back on my puter in a very large way. Not saying that I haven't been normally playing :) But, my good friends from NConnect Internet have thrown together a Quake server and I have been jamming on that regularly. They do have a little advantage by having 150 ping difference...but whose complaining :) . Anyhoo, I apologize for no news, but I can't report it if it isn't happening.

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