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Thornado to hit Dolphin?

by Billy Berghammer - June 14, 1999, 6:20 pm EDT
Source: Nintendorks

Another good game!

Looks like it's not hitting the N64 at all...but a Next-Gen console. I think we already had this on our Game List...but I guess that just confirms it a bit more. Nintendorks have the scoop.

Factor 5 assured us today that Thornado is still on schedule, but will certainly not be for the Nintendo 64. Instead, they have chosen a next-gen console (most likely PS-Y or Dolphin). Surprise, surprise! Unfortunately, they could not disclose which console the game will be for, but those keeping an eye out for potential Dolphin titles, Thornado should be prominent on your list.

Scott F: Take a look at these facts, and analyze them as you will:

Thornado prospective release = Q4/2000

Dolphin release date = 2001?

Thornado in development now

Dolphin development kits for companies not ready until January 2000.

Factor 5 working along side Nintendo in the sound department

Dolphin made by Nintendo

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