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OperatioN2000 Closes Doors

by Billy Berghammer - October 11, 1999, 5:02 pm EDT
Source: OpN2000 Staff

The Operation comes to a close & Justin says so long to the first N2000 (now Dolphin) site to hit the web, OpN2000.

You can get the whole story over at OperatioN2000. Here's a clip of Justin's intro to the whole staff farewell. I urge you to pay homage to the greatest Dolphin site ever. Bow down here.

In what many would consider a cruel turn of fate it seems that just as the winds of change from the Nintendo camp may finally be coming our way it is time for OpN to close its doors. We're very sorry for the delay in relaying this to you, our readers (though Forum readers knew of this over a week ago), but we had to get feedback from IGN and put together our own final thoughts before we felt it was appropriate to officially close up shop. Below are final farewells and chunks of final analysis from staffers, some of which will be 'retiring' while others will move on to other pastures (or tend the ones they've already been in a little more attentively). Content-wise the site will be split in two between the rock of the Nintendo on-line world Nintendojo (if you needed that link, where have you been?), and OpN staffer Billy Berghammer's PlanetN2000 site which will hopefully be a great new home for readers who hadn't already found it.

Oh, and surely people are wondering why the site is closing... we can assure you that there are no great conspiracies it is just a matter of time and circumstances. Unfortunately one of the things that made the site great was having a group of scene veterans who had a mix of vast gaming knowledge as well as a great deal of combined technical know-how from being in various sectors of the professional community itself. The required age for that does have a price though, and in this case the site's founder and Editor-in-Chief (Justin) has a baby on the way and has found his time very limited. Throw in a group of other staffers either working full-time, having families of their own, working and going to school, etc and we ended up with a great site that nobody could devote the proper time and effort to maintaining. We're sorry for this turn of events and wish it could work out otherwise... but the time has come to say our goodbyes so read on below and thank you for visiting.

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