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New Additions To NES And SNES Online Libraries Announced

by Donald Theriault - May 14, 2020, 6:22 pm EDT
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Rygar! Panel de Pon! Exclamation points!

The NES and SNES libraries for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be expanding again on May 20.

Tecmo's 1987 action game Rygar will be the NES release for this update. The SNES library will add three games: Operation Logic Bomb, a 1993 overhead shooter from Jaleco which is also a sequel to the Game Boy's Fortified Zone, Natsume's side-scrolling shooter Wild Guns (a remastered version was released on Switch), and Panel de Pon: the last game is a technical Japanese import that was reskinned into Tetris Attack for Western markets and is now more likely known as Puzzle League.

The Japanese lineup will have Super Punch-Out, Panel de Pon, Rygar, and Rough World (localized as Journey to Silius).


Luigi DudeMay 14, 2020

Wow that's a pretty nice selection.  Kind of surprised they got Wild Guns when the remaster is sold separately on the eShop.  Guess Natsume must feel since the remaster has more content there's no harm in the original being on here to help advertise it.

Had a feeling they'd just put the original version of Tetris Attack, Panel de Pon, on the service.  The gameplay is the same and they don't have to pay extra for the Tetris name.  Plus the West can finally know what game Lip who's been mentioned in Smash Bros is from.

Spak-SpangMay 14, 2020

Tetris Attack is easily my favorite puzzle game so this makes me happy.

Bman87301May 15, 2020

Does Panel de Pon have English menus so it's actually playable, or is it another Super Puyo Puyo 2? I hate the fact that SPP2 is in the Western versions of SNES app. The only previously Japan-exclusive games the NES app has are ones that were always in full English. It would be wise if they stuck to that tradition for the SNES app as well. There's nothing stopping anyone who wants to play Japanese games from downloading the Japanese app.

Spak-SpangMay 17, 2020

Wait you can download the Japanese SNES and NES apps from the US store? 

Quote from: Spak-Spang

Wait you can download the Japanese SNES and NES apps from the US store? 

No, but if you create a Japanese eShop account you can download the Japanese versions of those apps and play them using the account tied to your U.S. Nintendo Online subscription.

nickmitchMay 17, 2020

There's a handy guide on how to make a Japanese account for such purposes from this Nintendo site that I like:


BnM Link.

Rancid PlanetMay 17, 2020

No DKC games.

Hard pass.

StratosMay 17, 2020

We will probably never see Panel de Pon with the Tetris Attack name again, as that has licensing issues.

Ian SaneMay 18, 2020

It's funny in that I don't think you would ever see a something like the Tetris Attack naming again.  Naming a game you already released in another region as it's own thing with that of a licensed IP you don't own seems incredibly short sighted.  But in 1996 the idea of re-releasing a SNES game sounded ridiculous.  Arcade compilations were only just starting to show up on the market and that was the first example of videogame nostalgia of any sort.  Nintendo of America was likely not thinking that there would be any demand to sell Tetris Attack beyond the next two years or so.  By the time their rights to Tetris had expired the SNES wouldn't even be on the market anymore.  Today I would assume any company would take into account future re-releases of their title and would only go with licensed properties if the game was specifically designed to use it.  Tetris Attack itself has no real reason to use the Tetris name other than a hope it will encourage sales.  The game itself looks more like Yoshi's Puzzle League than anything else.  Maybe she should just rename it that.  Is there anything other than the title screen that says "Tetris"?  They could probably hack in a different title screen.

StratosMay 19, 2020

I mean they did it with Tecmo Bowl, removing the actual references to the NFL teams and leaving them as generic cities, so it is possible.

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