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Paper Mario Unfolding On Switch: The Origami King Arrives July 17

by Donald Theriault - May 14, 2020, 6:11 am EDT
Total comments: 17 Source: Nintendo

So that's what Intelligent Systems was up to...

The newest adventure of Paper Mario is just a couple of months away.

Paper Mario: The Origami King has been announced for a July 17 release, for US$59.99 or equivalent: it can be preloaded now. The evil Origami King has taken Princess Peach's castle, and Mario must seek the help of allies old (Bowser) and new to save the princess.

The combat will be based on a unique ring system, where enemies can be lined up to increase damage.


dfields90May 14, 2020

Any mention of voucher? I assume it will be available but thought usually once preload went live so did the voucher..

Where's that jpg of Hawkeye saying "don't give me hope"?

KhushrenadaMay 14, 2020






dfields90May 14, 2020

voucher is there on the eshop sorry I was always checking the online site which takes a long time

broodwarsMay 14, 2020

Meh. The focus on Oragami bugs me. It's yet another dumb arts & crafts gimmick being bolted into a new Nintendo release, likely to mask how otherwise uninspired it is. Remember how godawful Yoshi's Crafted World was? It's also not like Paper Mario's had a stellar track record. Here's hoping this actually is the return to form the franchise needs.

Ian SaneMay 14, 2020

So is it an RPG?  Because I don't suspect this series is going to return to glory unless it goes back to being an RPG.

It's funny because even though I liked the first two Paper Mario games, they felt like they were thumbing their nose at RPG fans.  Like if you loved Super Mario RPG these games were seemingly going out of their way to avoid having the elements of that game you found enjoyable.  Now the irony is that Paper Mario games thumb their nose at people that loved the first two Paper Mario games!  The whole series is like some passive-aggressive attack on the players, wrapped up in a game that looks so inviting which makes the passive-aggressiveness all the more effective.

AdrockMay 14, 2020

If this plays like the first two, I’m in day one. I actively disliked Sticker Star, and I didn’t play Color Splash.

I’d gladly take a remaster of The Thousand Year Door because I never finished it.

Luigi DudeMay 14, 2020

On the one hand, the gameplay shown in the trailer for the overworld looks more interesting then what Sticker Star and Color Splash were doing.  It also looks like Bowser will be a companion with Mario, so that should mean he'll be a character again unlike the previous 2 games where he was a mindless silence final boss.  Actually we got a unique villain again so that's a big upgrade as well.

So based on this trailer, the game certainly looks like a step in the right direction.  The only problem is the lack of battle footage has me worried.  I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Sticker Star for the adventure and puzzle aspects, but the combat was basically pointless.  I avoided combat as much as I could which is probably why I liked the game, but it was still inferior to the first 2 games because of how shallow the combat system was.

So hopefully the combat system will be more like the first 2 with more indepth RPG mechanics and actual partners to help out as well.  It would be ridicules if they solve some of the other problems of the previous 2 games but not address the biggest elephant in the room.

broodwarsMay 14, 2020

We saw the battle system around the middle of the trailer with that brief shot of a circular podium with Mario in the middle. The player was lining up enemies around Mario in a line for what looked like an attack. It comes back to that later in the trailer to show typical Paper Mario combat.

KhushrenadaMay 14, 2020

Posted on Discord but here's a link to showing the battle system in action in Japanese.

From the look of it, I fully expect this game to continue the Sticker Star, Color Splash trend and I am fine with that. But I'm also one of the few people that really enjoyed Sticker Star so lucky me.

Mr. BungleMay 14, 2020

Awesome summer game! I really enjoyed Color Splash so I can't wait for this.  ;D

Darth AsterixMay 14, 2020


The original and TTYD are two of my favorite games. I finished it, but I burning fury hated Sticker Star (well, the combat system, anyway). Never played Color Splash because it looked too much like Sticker Star. Really enjoyed Super Paper Mario, but it wasn't really a Paper Mario game.

I'm cautiously optimistic. That short little Japanese video makes it look more like the original battle system with a preemptive action sequence glued on, which (if that's what it is) I'm entirely fine with.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMay 14, 2020

The important thing is that there are friendly NPCs that aren't Toads.

LemonadeMay 14, 2020

Wait for reviews.
It looks nice, but I need to see much more before I think about playing it

steveyMay 14, 2020

The trailer really felt like an E3 presentation where Bowser would cut in at the 2 minute mark and explain the actual gameplay and then the end would segue to the Metroid Prime remaster/collection shadow drop.

ShyGuyMay 15, 2020

I'm trying to be excited...

leahsdadMay 15, 2020

Having played Color Splash, I'm amazed by how (1) It looks very, very similar graphically to Color Splash, and (2) Thank the gods there are no battle cards.

Everything about Color Splash, from the mini games, the bosses, the writing, the set pieces, were all very very good.  It's just that the card system was obscene--  unless you looked at a faq, it was hard to predict what cards you would need for a particular battle or set of battles, and you had a very limited inventory for cards.  Made battles very annoying.

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