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Bravely Second Scenario Writer Apologizes For Not Meeting Expectations In Famitsu Interview

by Donald Theriault - April 14, 2020, 8:02 pm EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Famitsu, Japanese Nintendo

I think we all know who will have a comment on this Sunday...

One of the Bravely series's producers has apologized publicly for Bravely Second in a recent magazine interview.

In the interview, which ran in this week's Famitsu magazine (translation provided by Japanese Nintendo), producer Tomoya Asano expressed regret that the 2016 3DS title didn't live up to fan expectations.

"Before I talk about the title name in more detail, first of all please allow me to apologise about Bravely Second. Despite receiving a lot of expectations for Bravely Second, we feel like there were parts that didn’t live up to all fans’ expectations. The introspection from Bravely Second has taken a deep, strong root in production for all titles being worked on by our team right now." - Asano

The interview also confirms that the name "Bravely Default II" was given to the upcoming Switch release because of the fan feedback about Bravely Second, as opposed to calling the new game "Bravely Third" or a variant.


You absolute monsters.

We are the aggrieved and you have the temerity to shift the blame to us?

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