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Super Mega Baseball 3 Highlights Franchise Mode, Team Import Mode

by Neal Ronaghan - April 10, 2020, 6:00 am EDT
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An April launch is still the plan, but due to complications of COVID-19, it might slip a week or two into May.

The brand-new Franchise mode in Super Mega Baseball 3 offers a unique spin on the tried-and-true sports game mode. A new video from the developer Metalhead Software shows off the details of the new mode.

The game, set to launch simultaneously on Switch and a variety of other platforms, was slated to launch in April and while hope springs eternal, Metalhead said "Industry-wide changes due to COVID-19 have led to some logistical delays in the game’s release. Metalhead is not ready to announce a change from the April window yet, but is optimistic that if there is a delay it will be minor."

The latest video update digs into more than Franchise mode, though. A variety of small improvements have been made to modes from the previous games like Season and Elimination. Additionally, players can import their custom-made teams from Super Mega Baseball 2 into the sequel.

Lastly, Metalhead Software teased there is a "major online gameplay feature" that is under development for a post-launch release and will be discussed before the launch.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is set to launch on Nintendo Switch soon for $44.99. A free trial will be available day and date that will let players play the online Pennant Race mode to their heart's content.

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