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Ubi Soft to Swim with Dolphin

by Jermiah Lankford - November 24, 1999, 10:01 pm EST
Source: VideoGames.com

This means that we will have excellent platformers on the Dolphin.

Well, considering Ubi Soft has made some great games like Rayman and Rocket on Wheels for the Nintendo 64, it's great to hear that they'll be on board with the Dolphin also. Thanks to VideoGames.com for the Ubi lovin'...

In addition to the six PlayStation2 titles that Ubi Soft has in development,

the company is moving forward with Nintendo Dolphin titles. So far, we know of more than two games that are in the works - one of them is likely to be Rayman 3. While these games are only in pre-production (read: only on paper), actual development work will begin early next year.

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