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More on the Release Issue...

by Billy Berghammer - November 16, 1999, 8:03 pm EST
Source: IGN64

More info, yeah. something

IGN64 reads the forums? Who knew? :) . Anyhoo...IGN64 does have more about the Hiroshi Yamauchi interview.

It's no big secret that Nintendo aims to market its next-generation console, codenamed Dolphin, as a mass-market gaming machine. The giant games and hardware manufacturer has repeatedly said that the console will sell with a respectable, buy-me-up price tag, and so will its software. We've also heard time and again that the machine will launch as scheduled in time for the holidays 2000.

Now we've got official word straight from the horse's mouth.

Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, in a recent interview with Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun, reiterated the company's plans to sell Dolphin at a cheap price.

"A game machine that sells for close to 40000 yen [$380] can be bought by young people old enough to work part-time jobs, but at any rate, is too expensive to be aimed at children," said Yamauchi in a comparison to Sony's next-generation hardware. "The Dolphin will not be that expensive."

Meanwhile, the Japanese businessman reaffirmed the company's plans to launch Dolphin shortly after PS2 late 2000. "We would like to release the Dolphin closer to the PS2, but since we're aiming for the Christmas 2000 shopping season, I don't think the time difference is that big of a handicap."

Yamauchi indicated that strong software on Nintendo's part will make up for Sony's head-start. "What's important is the side that clearly distinguishes itself by the quality of its software."

Dolphin is scheduled to be shown in full at Nintendo's Spaceworld show in August.

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