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InterAct on Board

by Mike Sklens - November 16, 1999, 9:28 pm EST
Source: Dolphin Cove

This isin't really a surprise or anything.

Not that you should be really surprised about this, but InterAct is planning on making peripherals for the Dolphin. Thanks to Dolphin Cove for the info...

On November 11th, Recoton Corporation, a leading global consumer electronic accessory, loudspeaker and car audio company, announced financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 1999. The point to note here is that one of Recoton's subsidiaries is Interact, a premier peripheral company for console systems. One of it's latest and greatest products is the DexDrive. In the press release it was mentioned that:

"InterAct plans to ship a ... line of compatible joysticks, controllers and accessories to coordinate with the new, advanced video game systems to be launched by Sony(R), Nintendo(R) and Microsoft**(R)."

**(editors note: this is not a confirmation of the X-Box, simply preparedness)

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