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MTV and Dolphin?

by Kevin Ries - November 13, 1999, 5:45 pm EST
Source: FGNonline

Will you be crankin' out the tunes on your Dolphin?

FGN Online/IGN64 tells us that MTV will be hooking up with the PSX, PC, and next generation systems to produce a "make your own music video," called the MTV Music Generator. Here's the juice:

FGNOnline reports that UK based Codemasters is currently evaluating whether or not to brings its popular MTV Music Generator software to Nintendo's next-generation console. The program, which is already available to PC owners (and it hits PlayStation November 24), enables users to create their own music videos, editing everything from sound samples to 3D animations. The software is not coming to Nintendo 64.

"Our initial reaction to doing Music on N64 was no, purely because of the cartridge format," said a Codemasters spokesperson. "All the next generation hardware is coming out and I really couldn't deny that we are looking at Dolphin, Dreamcast and even PlayStation 2. We are looking at every system, even portables, to see where we can take this music brand."

MTV Music Generator

Above: Image of the Music Generator in action.

MTV Music Generator boasts the following features:

  • Record samples direct from any audio CD, trim and edit them and incorporate into your own tracks.

  • Create instant music in music jam. 1-4 players use their controllers to loop, swap or trigger sounds simultaneously.

  • The Song mixing desk has up to 24 audio channels on the PlayStation and 99 on the PC CD-ROM (expect similar capabilities for Dolphin)

  • Simple use of controls with comprehensive in-game help system to answer every question.

  • Video creation studio with high resolution graphics and 19 different tools to create virtually limitless effects, allowing you to put together amazing visuals to accompany your musical creations.

  • For professional sounding results and precise control the waveform editor can be used to directly manipulate the shape of a sound, alter pre-set or recorded samples.

  • With the riff editor you can build-up your own songs block by block, either create brand new riffs or alter the ones in the Library.

  • Choose from a huge number of high quality riffs and instrument sounds in a diverse selection of musical styles including house, techno, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, rock and indie.

Considering Dolphin's considerable sound capabilities, which are likely to be announced in full early next year, Codemasters' MTV Music Generator seems a perfect fit for the next-generation console.

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