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Jakks Pacific Mario Toy Release Schedule Revealed

by Justin Berube - February 27, 2020, 8:03 pm PST
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For all you World of Nintendo fans out there.

Jakks Pacific has announced a release lineup for their 2020 Mario series of toys. Some of these are already hitting store shelves, and others we were able to see last weekend at Toy Fair NY.

So for all you collectors out there, here is the upcoming lineup:

Spring 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

Mario (New)

Luigi (New)

Cheep Cheep (New)(Not listed as Yellow but I'm assuming so.)

Odyssey Mario

Piranha Plant

4-Inch Figures

Blue Shy Guy (New)

Magikoopa (New)

Yellow Yoshi (New)


Odyssey Mario

Mario Kart Racers



Shy Guy


Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures

Underwater Diorama Set - Includes Mario, Cheep Cheep, and Blooper figures.

Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.

Deluxe Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.

Fall 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

Yellow Yoshi (New)

Fire Mario (New)

Raccoon Mario


Red Koopa Troopa

4-Inch Figures

Ice Luigi (New)

Odyssey Mario (New)

Red Koopa Paratroopa

Iggy Koopa

Raccoon Mario

It's-A Me, Mario!

12-Inch tall Toy with fabric overalls, 13 points of articulations, 20 phrases, sound effects, and five songs from the games.

Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures

Super Mario Underground Diorama - Includes Ice Mario, Green Koopa Troopa, and Spike Top figures.

Super Mario Underground Playset - Includes Ice Mario Figure.

Deluxe Boo Mansion Playset (TARGET EXCLUSIVE) - Includes Fire Mario figure.



Ian SaneFebruary 28, 2020

One thing that is really weird is that there weren't Mario toys that I was aware of when I was a kid and Mario was like our generation's Superman.  You would think that this would have been an obvious idea but the only ones I recall from my childhood were the Super Mario Bros 3 toys that came in McDonalds Happy Meals.  As a kid I would definitely have been interested in some proper Mario action figures or for that matter other Nintendo franchises like Zelda.  They had Nintendo cereal and a cartoon show so why no action figures?

StratosFebruary 28, 2020

Yeah, I remember those Mario 3 McDonalds toys. I wonder if the experience with the bad Mario Movie put them off of any sort of regular merchandising. That or it was older leadership exercising a belief that it would "cheapen" the brand or some such philosophy.

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