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Off the Beach

by Billy Berghammer - April 15, 1999, 1:40 pm PDT

I'm back....and here's the update!

Well kids, I can honestly say, it's not that great to be home. But it's nice to be back to my puter. Okay, I am planning on getting a domain this week, but I need you to vote on what you like better: N2000 or N2K. The choice is yours. E-mail me and let me know. Outside of that, the little break was excellent. The weather in Florida was sweet. Plus I got to jam on a 50" TV with my N64 for a while so that was cool. Anyhoo, I got a crapload of unpacking to do, and since Bust A Move '99 was finally released (and I said finally, you pokey assholes) it's going to take a bit for me to get things back to normal. Let's just say, reality settled in quickly as soon as I got off the plane. Sorry if this poses any sort of inconveniences, but I'll try to get back to updating tonite. BTW...there really wasn't any major news, but the fine folks at OperatioN2000 have updated a few things. Oh yeah, and the person who bought the domain I wanted is slacking off over at www.n2000hq.com. ;) I think I should set my little friend on his ass. And yes, I caught this while fishing w/my Dad in Florida.


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