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No young Olympians?

by Mike Revier - January 14, 2000, 4:48 pm EST
Source: Nintendorks

Well it looks as if Young Olympians will come to Dolphin but only under a new name.

Well Nintendorks said it is presumed to be called: Saffire. Why? Well because of the USOC for a (in my opinion), dumb reason. Read on...

You heard right, Saffire's Young Olympians will never make it to Dolphin...or Playstation 2 for that matter. Why? Because Young Olympians no longer exists. Saffire filled us in on all the details earlier today.

Now don't start getting all panicky. The only reason Young Olympians is not going to be seen on any next-gen systems is because Saffire had to change the game's name. The USOC [United States Olympic Committee] made a fuss with Saffire claiming the title's name infringes on trademarks with those that participate in the Olympics. Obviously, "Young Olympians" refer to the Greek mythological teenagers, but nonetheless, the USOC was not a happy-camper when they heard of the game.

Saffire decided against refuting USOC's arguement and came up with a new, very innovative name for the game: Saffire. That's right, Saffire is making Saffire. So how does the new name affect the game? Well, the only thing that changes is the main character's name from Priscilla to, that's right, Saffire. Not only that, but the character's eyes will be blue instead of lavender. So, in review, Saffire is making Saffire starring Saffire.

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