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Big Bottom Go Bye-Bye?

by Jonathan Metts - February 13, 2001, 9:36 am EST
Source: RareWhere

Scribes once again hints at Rare's secret plans; this time, it looks like Perfect Dark 2 may not feature Joanna at all!

Rarewhere, the official site of Rare Ltd., has possibly one of the best mailbag sections ever conceived. Against all odds, someone wrote into the newest Scribes with a question about an actual Rare game, and even more conspicuously, the reply contained both concrete, non-sarcastic information and an obvious hint at what lies in the future of the Perfect Dark franchise. When asked which character model would be used for After Dark (the rumored name of Perfect Dark 2), the PD designer retaliated with this mysterious statement:

IF we make a game called After Dark (I assume you're ham-handedly referring to a sequel to Perfect Dark), it is entirely possible that Joanna will be nowhere in it.
...whoa. A Perfect Dark game without the heroine we all know and love and put our arm around...oops, sorry, relating a personal experience. Anyway, this is a pretty cryptic statement, but Scribes has been known to house cleverly concealed information in the past. What do you make of it?

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