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No New Switch Lite Model To Fix Drift

by John Rairdin - October 1, 2019, 10:28 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Digital Trends, FCC Filing

Those sticks are made for drifting, and that's just what they'll do.

A recent report from Digital Trends indicates a new Switch Lite revision, but our own sources confirm this is not the case. The report comes after Nintendo filed a new product ID with the FCC which does not match the currently released Switch Lite model. However we've been able to confirm with a licensed Switch developer that the FCC ID in question, BKEHDH002, does in fact match that of the Switch Lite developer kits. Furthermore the FCC filing categorizes the hardware as EUT which indicates that it is "for software development and events." In other words the hardware being described is not intended for the public. Developer kits are the pre-release versions of systems sent to developers so that they can begin testing the games on the hardware prior to launch.

The Switch Lite has already come under fire for using the same analogue stick assembly as the original Switch Joy-Con. As such the sticks have begun to show the same tendency for drift as the standard Switch model. Digital Trends initially reported on the FCC filing as a revision designed to fix this issue, but it appears we'll have to continue to wait for a permanent solution.


TOPHATANT123October 01, 2019

Nintendo's hardware department are slacking. This kind of thing makes it difficult to recommend the Switch to anyone but die hard Nintendo fans.

InvaderRENOctober 01, 2019

I've had my switch about 18 months and 2 of my 4 joycons have had to go in for a Drift repair - each time costing half the price of a new joycon!

I am VERY careful with my gear and my son is too. They are just straight up bad design.

And here are my 4 Game Cube controllers that have been thrashed through Melee, Brawl, Smash U and now Smash Ultimate and yet they all work PERFECTLY..  Jesus, put THOSE damn sticks on the Switch...

ejamerOctober 01, 2019

Nintendo hardware used to be incredibly resilient... but ever since the 3DS release it feels like a downward slide. They are still "good", and often more reliable and study than the competition, but not like what they used to be.  I wonder if that's just the growing complexity of hardware or Nintendo looking to maximize profits?

On the upside, the Wii U Pro Controller was an incredibly solid piece of kit!

StratosOctober 01, 2019

Its been going on longer than that. There were issues with dead pixels in the original DS and cracked hinges on the DS Lite. It has been a slow rising problem and I really hope this lawsuit gets them back on the right path.

nickmitchOctober 02, 2019

The joy-con drift issue is probably the biggest hardware failure I've seen from Nintendo.  I had a DS whose hinge broke, but the system was still otherwise completely playable.  The joy-con drift renders the controllers worthless.  The only upside is that they're fixing the controllers for free now.  But I'm literally 4/4 in having to send them in.  I'm waiting to get three of them back now, but that basically renders my Switch, unswitchable.

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