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PD2 Prolly NOT a Launch Title

by Max Lake - December 20, 2000, 3:35 pm EST
Source: RareNet

RareNet Knows Rare and YOU don't. What do they know? For one thing, we shouldn't expect a Perfect Dark sequel too soon...

Contrary to a recent rumor that "half of Rare" was working their fannies off to ensure that a Perfect Dark 2 would be a launch title for GameCube, RareNet comes along with actual info... Apparently, the PD team is only 12 people in number (tho' from recent wanted ads in UK Industry Mags, is looking to expand), with only a few of them looking into internet gaming. What's more, even though there has been no official word about Perfect Dark, the team told RareNet their "next project" was two years off (this was at E3 2000). So, it looks like what we heard recently may be inaccurate.

Honestly, when I heard this rumor I was like "I'll believe it when I see it." Rare getting anything done in a timely manner is almost unheard of! This is not to complain though, most of the time, whatever they produce is worth the wait. While Perfect Dark 2 as a launch title might certainly help sell GameCubes, I'd much rather have the team take their time and make it as awesome as possible. Even if the GC is super easy to develop for, I'd personally rather have PD2 later than sooner (just not too much later).

Also on RareNet is an "editorial" of sorts by RareNet Dan & wunderkind Mikey Veroni. Oddly enough, it reminds me a bit of the classic "Blah Blah Blah" articles... But with none of the offensiveness. ;) Be sure to read some of the good things these two "Planet Pals" have to say. And definitely give us your own thoughts on PD2 and Rare.

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