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Joker DLC, Smash 3.0 Launching Tomorrow

by Donald Theriault - April 16, 2019, 6:50 pm EDT
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"We will steal your heart without fail. - The Phantom Thieves"

Smash is getting a massive update tomorrow that includes DLC Pack 1 and a host of new features.


  • Joker attacks with knives and kicks, with his gun as a neutral special that can be rapid fired, a grappling hook with Up+B, Eiha (light damage + poison) side+B, and down+B uses Rebel's Guard to fill a Rebellion meter; maxing it summons Joker's main Persona, Arsene. Arsene makes attacks more powerful, changes the Up+B to "Wings of Rebllion" for immunity to damage while recovering, side+B becomes Eigaon, and down+B counters with Tetrakarn (physical) or Makarakarn (special). His Final Smash is the Persona series's trademark All Out Attack.
  • Joker's victory screen is themed on the win screen from Persona 5, including comments from the other Phantom Thieves on the fight.
  • Joker's home stage is Mementos, the multi-floor Persona 5 dungeon. Walls and traps randomly spawn on the stage. Eleven songs are included on the stage, covering Personas 3, 4, and 5, and the stage's color will change based on which game's music is playing.
  • Mii costumes from Sega/Atlus will be sold separately for US$0.75 ea: Morgana, Teddie, the protagonists of Persona 3 and 4, Tails, and Knuckles.

New Modes

  • Stage Builder is confirmed: the Switch's touchscreen can optionally be used to draw platform elements, multiple backgrounds can be chosen, and multiple layers of the stage can be edited to add background elements.
  • Video Editor: saved clips on the Switch can be edited on a timeline, complete with subtitles and background music consisting of every track in the game, posting to social media or a new ingame menu available
  • Shared Content: a new hub for sharing videos, Mii Fighter designs, and stage designs; creators can be followed or reported.
  • Smash World: The first new game in the Switch Online application since launch, Smash World allows for streaming of videos and view/queue for download recommended stages.

Joker and the 3.0 update will both be available tomorrow night, or Thursday morning Japan time.


EnnerApril 17, 2019

Mass Destruction in Smash is a thing I never knew I wanted so much.

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