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Civilization VI Adds Cross-Save Support With Steam Version

by Donald Theriault - April 2, 2019, 7:27 pm EDT
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Start a game on PC, get your one more turn in on the TV or in bed.

The Switch version of Civilization VI has gotten a little closer to its PC counterpart.

A new update for the game has added support for cloud saves with the Steam version of Civilization VI. A 2K Games account is required for the function to work, and creating one is an option ingame.


StratosApril 03, 2019

Hoping this is a sign we will get the DLC on the Switch version. Lots of folks worried the add on content will be forgotten. Holding out for a confirmation of at least the first DLC before I buy this, though I almost caved when it was on sale for $45, but missed that window. Maybe they will eventually release a Glod/Complete version down the road.

Yeah, not having the expansions available kills any interest I might have had in the Switch version. The Civilization games are basically half finished at launch and don't really come into their own until a couple expansions flesh them out.

SorenApril 03, 2019

Yeah, something the article doesn't mention is you need to be running the vanilla PC version which kind of seems like 2K is angling towards getting new Switch players into their PC environment. But hopefully this means the DLC is coming to the Switch version as well.

NemoApril 03, 2019

I have the vanilla version on PC. My issue is that I don't want to pay full price again to play it on Switch. (Or even 75% of full price at it's best sale yet.) If I also got the 2 DLC packs($50), that could mean I'd have sunk $170 into one game (or more if they charge extra for Switch DLC). The game is fun, but that's a crazy amount of cash.

StratosApril 06, 2019

The cost and the still viable hope for the DLC/expansions releasing puts us in a place where it is smarter to wait for the price/content to improve, but that wait-and-see approach may lead to 2K deciding the extra work isn't worth the returns.

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