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Metroid Officially Confirmed

by Jonathan Metts - November 20, 2000, 9:20 am EST
Source: Retro Studios

Nintendo will have to seal the lid after this one!

Although we've pretty much known there'd be a new Metroid title for GameCube since back at Spaceworld, Retro Studios has FINALLY confirmed that info. The company actually had a page for Metroid up right after Spaceworld, with comments on the demo from IGN and other sources. However, the page was almost immediately removed, probably because of pressure from Nintendo to keep the project shrouded in secret. For some reason Retro has come back from hiding now though, openly advertising job offers to work on the next Metroid game.

Retro Studios is looking for additional senior level programmers to help us create the game everyone’s anticipating for Nintendo’s Gamecube.

That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? To further prove a point though: the page's title is "RETROID", the URL is /metroid.html, the email to respond to is samus@retrostudios.com, and there's a big picture of Samus Aran on the page, along with the question "Wanna program the next Metroid game?" This news does bring forth some interesting questions though...if Retro is still looking for senior-level programmers for the job, how far along can they possibly be? Can we pretty much rule out Metroid for launch?

Kudos to FGN Online for the link.

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