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We are on the Show Floor!

by Billy Berghammer - May 11, 2000, 12:21 am EDT

We rule E3!

Un-freaking-believable! Wow, that's all I have to say. I thought I would be overwhelmed. I had absolutely no clue what-so-ever. So what am I impressed with so far on the Nintendo end? Totally first impressions...

- Mario Tennis : Tight as HELL. If you were a fan of the SNES version you are going to love this.

- Dino Planet: Beyond intense. I almost said Zelda Killer last night, and I almost could be sure of that. I think I'll need a bit more time with that.

- Conker's BFD: First off, they have a bar set up, where Nintendo is serving free brew-ha. Not a bad deal. Conker Party later tonight. I played 1 and 2 player already, and it's fantastic. I actually played one of the game artists in 2 player. She couldn't handle my mad skillz. Very cool. Definite winner.

- Cat Roots : New game, very early in development. Video Demo only. It's made by a new sub company of Nintendo I think, AUN or something. We will look more into this later on.

-The Indy Title : Indiana Jones in the Infernal Machine. Crashed like a MF. Looked okay. Lucasarts needs to do a lot of work on this title that supposedly is arriving this fall.

-Pokemon Puzzle Leauge : Looks pretty much like Tetris Attack with Pokemon characters.

That's about it so far. We have an appointment with Nintendo for a press tour at 2pm so we gotta scoot. BBL.

-Billy and Steven from the Show floor...over and out.

ps...Nintendo has the best damn booth babes on the show floor. But we are looking for competitors. :)

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