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Billy's added thoughts...

by Billy Berghammer - May 10, 2000, 11:51 pm EDT


Wow...Steven pimps Fran's Question but not mine. Then again my question to Main and Arakawa didn't get quite the effect or response that I wanted to hear. Boooo. I asked what plans Nintendo had in the future for online gaming. Of course the Nintendo we-ain't-gonna-talk dance was still in effect at the time, but I did get the reply of...both Dolphin and GBA will be online. Regardless, it was cool to ask a question in a forum like this. I was not that surprised that not a whole lot was announced Dolphin wise...but there are a couple important things to note...

-Dolphin and GBA could be released by the end of the year in Japan.

-There will be another Metroid title.

-Both systems will be online capable.

-Nothing will be shown behind closed doors Dolphin wise.

As for the last comment, I don't know how true this all is. But we shall see. God knows we will be doing our best to see something.

The N64 games that we saw were definitely nothing short but mind blowing. Perfect Dark we don't have to even mention. Almost every title they showed looked completely amazing.

Dino Planet first of all looked just brilliant. Quicktimes do not do this game justice at all. Completely fantastic. Dare I say...Zelda Killer? I don't know. That's pretty rough. Let's just say it's damn sweet lookin'.

Speaking of Zelda...Majora's Mask was also beautiful. But I will go into a bit more detail when I talk about Rare's press conference.

Eternal Darkness....mmmmm. This game looks sick as hell. A much darker version of Zelda is what this game is looking like. Very tasty. Rich environments and beautiful graphics.

Mario Tennis. Oh my. If you have ever touched Mario Golf you know what kind of magic Camelot can produce, and this title keeps the tradition going. Fast, furious, and insane. That is what this game is all about. Also, I must say...the graphics are very crisp, and very nice frame rate.

Mario Paper was also rather interesting looking too. There wasn't a whole lot of footage so I can't make any official comments. I want to play more of this tomorrow before I pass any judgement.

Conker's BFD. I think this got just about everyone rolling on the floor laughing. Foul mouth squirrels pissing out fires. Crazy sexual jokes. Huge bosses. My friends...it's about time someone made a game like this. Not only is it's pretty, and looks to play well, it's freaking hilarious. Comic relief in a game? Sounds good to me.

Mickey's Speedway USA...DKR with Disney characters. Enough said. It does look good though. But how many more freakin' kart style racers do we need? I'll need to see more tomorrow.

The sound files and pics from the show are in the process of being uploaded. We will have a rather large scrapbook later. Be on the lookout for the sound files shortly.

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