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More N-MS BS?

by Billy Berghammer - May 30, 2000, 5:20 pm PDT

Microsoft / Nintendo rumors continue to float around. Should we really be expected to believe any of this?

Would you purchase a Microsoft/Nintendo gaming system? From the rumor mill, still more talks are happening between Microsoft and Nintendo. As PlanetN2000 reported before, Microsoft has been seriously courting Nintendo. Could the X-Box become vaporware? From anonymous sources, There are talks about Nintendo working with Microsoft, as well as possibilities of Nintendo and Microsoft releasing a combined Dolphin system. Maybe a "set top" (Internet, DVD Movie, Gaming system) Matsushita type device that Nintendo is talking about releasing in Japan?

What Microsoft does bring to the table is Money and marketing experience. I am sure Billy Gates is tossing a buttload of money at every developer and publisher he can meet with. Taking into concideration that Microsoft doesn't know squat about Games, Nintendo would be a perfect ally.

Personally, this rumor makes me rather nervous. I think the last place Nintendo should look for an ally is Microsoft. I think Microsoft should continue doing what they do best (Operating Systems, mice, playing Monopoly) and leave video games alone. Could Microsoft be changing their minds and thinking of pulling X-Box, and combining their efforts with Nintendo?

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