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Miitomo To Close In May

by Donald Theriault - January 24, 2018, 7:05 pm PST
Total comments: 9 Source: Nintendo

Good night, sweet prince. Or Prince.

After two years of questions, Miitomo will be closing its doors.

The communication app, Nintendo's first foray into the mobile market, will terminate service at midnight Pacific time on May 9. In-app purchases have been turned off as of today.

A full list of items affected by the closure is available on the game's microsite.


LemonadeJanuary 24, 2018

Very sad news. I really likd Miitomo. I bought a cheap android phone just so I could play it. My main phone runs Windows 10 Mobile, so I cant regularly use Nintendo's apps.

MASBJanuary 24, 2018

At least we know what RFN's next RetroActive will be after the Farewell WiiWare - Not Rigged Edition! :)

Strange that Nintendo is shutting it down so soon. You'd think with all the in-app purchases it would be profitable enough to keep going, even if not a big moneymaker. Surprised they didn't give more advance notice as to the shutdown of the in-app store. I assume the game will be completely unplayable when Nintendo shuts it down? It'd be something if someone could download the required data/assets and keep it going in some way. As a curio if nothing else.

EnnerJanuary 24, 2018

Twas a cute little curiosity. But there was nothing interesting for me to hold on to after a few weeks of daily log-ins.

Bman87301January 25, 2018

Odd timing-- I actually just started playing it again.

nickmitchJanuary 25, 2018

I really liked racking up coins to get my mii some fun outfits for Miifotos.  Gonna miss doing that.

AdrockJanuary 25, 2018

I still pop into Miitomo every day. I should have stopped ages ago since no one else I know is send messages or anything. I couldn’t pull myself away from it because of some weird urge to spend three minutes a day earning Nintendo coins. The entire app closing willing force my hand.

StratosJanuary 25, 2018

I did like the special outfits you could get for your mii, like the Pirate and Ninja ones, or the tie-ins like Mario and fire Emblem.

Can't help but feel this isn't the end for the concept, just moving it over to their online plan. Would be cool if it came with the online subscription on Switch, maybe allowing you free outfits as a kickback for paying for the sub.

TheXenocideJanuary 27, 2018

I guess James Jones will no longer be my daddy.

nickmitchMay 09, 2018

Well, today was the day. #RIP to Miitomo.

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