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So you're sayin....

by Billy Berghammer - February 9, 2000, 11:35 pm EST
Source: Gamespot

Miyamoto interview.

Miyamoto says just about nothing. Talk about impersonating the Riddler. Well are we or are we not making an online Dolphin game? Gamespot seems to think so. I think Shigeru needs to be a bit more vague. What do you think?

Sega is doing it. Square is doing it. Now it seems as though Nintendo is doing it as well. GameSpot News has learned that the company is currently working on a massively multiplayer online game for its Dolphin console. While not exactly surprising news, what is interesting is that sources have indicated that Shigeru Miyamoto is masterminding the project. Though this information did not come from Nintendo itself, just the thought of Nintendo's genius of game design working on a multiplayer game is a scary one.

Interestingly, in the latest issue of the UK N64 Magazine, Miyamoto commented, "I'm very interested in online gaming, and I fully understand why people are so enthusiastic about it." He went on to say, "But, you know what Nintendo is about, and has always been about, is NOT doing the same as every other company. So, if it ever came to the stage where we were talking about online gaming, it would be because we had a new way to approach the idea. It wouldn't just be because everyone else is doing it."

However, he told the N64 Magazine his worries of the online future. "When I look at the infrastructure of online gaming around the world, the cost of networking in each country is currently far too expensive." But he concluded, "So, what I'm saying is, yes, Nintendo ARE interested in online gaming, but I don't think we'll get involved with it immediately."

When contacted a spokesperson for Nintendo of America stated, "It sounds like he is working on a lot of stuff [for the Dolphin], but obviously nothing has been announced." Unfortunately it could be a while until we hear exactly what this multiplayer project could be.

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