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Saffire Shots?

by Billy Berghammer - February 8, 2000, 11:25 pm EST
Source: The Magic Box

First Screens of "Saffire".

Check it! Here's the first screen shots. The Magic Box had these 5 screens of the new game from Saffire (Saffire). Interesting what is said here. "the game is being developed from the Nintendo devkits". Hmmm....Saffire is THIRD PARTY! If this is true, that means Dev. Kits are out across the board. As Ty would say...RAWK DA HOUSE! These pics are pretty decent...but they almost look like they are scanned from a magazine. I am looking into if these are actually real, or just DC reproductions. We'll let you know.

Saffire is working on a new, unnamed action adventure game for both Nintendo Dolphin and Playstation 2, the game is being developed from the Nintendo devkits, features a female main character, the game play is somewhat similar to Tomb Raider, with advanced AI and inverted kinetics system. The game is scheduled to release in 2001.

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