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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass, Zelda Tie-In Announced

by Adam Abou-Nasr - November 7, 2017, 6:44 am EST
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo Direct

Breath of the Wild needs more outfits for Link as much as a Xenoblade game needs more content.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its newly announced Expansion Pass are available for pre-purchase on the eShop today, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a new sidequest Thursday to unlock Rex's outfit.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Expansion pass is $29.99 and includes:

  • Support items For Your Journey in December 2017
  • New Quests for the Main Game in January 2018
  • New Rare Blade in Spring 2018
  • New Challenge Battle Mode in Summer 2018
  • A Brand-New Story and Adventure in Autumn 2018

The trailer's small prints indicates "DLC packs cannot be purchased individually."

The special edition will not include the Expansion Pass.


broodwarsNovember 07, 2017

I really hate this practice of Nintendo's where you can't buy the DLC individually. I want the story content. I would just buy the story content. I'm not paying $30 for all that other trash.

EnnerNovember 07, 2017

And here I was thinking selling something that we won't know what it is a year later would be the big point of ire. Or maybe that's assumed.

If they did split it out piece meal, you just know that you would only be saving so much (and they would be cutting in to your wallet more). The new story bit that's coming out next year would hypothetically have a $20 or $25 price tag.

I'm not bothered by it, but that's because I view this as an old-school PC game expansion pack. Looking at the price and timing of the last piece of content, I can only assume that at least one person in Nintendo has those old expansion packs in mind when it comes to the expansion passes of Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade 2.

broodwarsNovember 07, 2017

Quote from: Enner

And here I was thinking selling something that we won't know what it is a year later would be the big point of ire. Or maybe that's assumed.

Not really. Nintendo's been pretty reliable so far when it comes to additional tracks/story content in these season passes. I just wish I was allowed to pay for what I want, rather than being forced to pay $30 for a bunch of garbage I don't want first.

AdrockNovember 07, 2017

The impression I get is Nintendo wants to sell the story content for $30 and the other stuff is bonus content that won’t take a lot of resources to create. They’re supposed to make the DLC seem heftier in content. It’s like when you get a free gift for buying a thing at say, Target. That bag or whatever wasn’t really the reason you bought the main item, but it’s yours now so you might as well bring it home.

Without having played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I can’t comment on either way whether I’d be interested in the DLC. I have the game preordered even though I’ve had some trouble getting hooked in RPGs. If the new story content features is the true final boss or something, I kind of have a problem with that. I’d like the main story to stand on its own rather than end on a cliffhanger and have the final boss and plot resolution locked behind a paywall. If the DLC is merely a side story with its own exclusive boss, I wouldn’t feel like I got nickel and dimed paying full price for an incomplete game.

nickmitchNovember 07, 2017

It probably has a lot to do with revenue recognition.  Nintendo gets your $30 this December for a thing you want next fall.  They give you a bunch of little things between then and now so they can recognize that money as revenue and not a liability.

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