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Nindie News: Golf Story Date, Thumper Sale, Yooka-Laylee Update

by Donald Theriault - September 25, 2017, 4:53 pm EDT
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We'll be getting a FORE in Intelligence this week.

Today has featured a release date, a sale and an update on a highly anticipated indie title.

After a listing on the European Switch eShops today started a rumor, Nintendo of America has confirmed via Twitter that Golf Story will meet its promised September release date. The golf RPG will launch this Thursday (September 28) for US$14.99 or equivalent.

Rhythm violence title Thumper has had its first eShop sale starting today. The game is 25% off in North America and Europe until October 2, marking eight different Switch titles with active sales in North America at the present time.

Playtonic Games has also posted an update on Yooka-Laylee, in which the studio confirmed they are working on resolving bugs caused by a recent upgrade to the Unity framework. At the present time, they have no ETA for submission to Nintendo for release.


StratosSeptember 25, 2017

I feel bad for Playtonic and Yooka-Laylee. That game would have been a huge hit in the first couple of months of the Switch's life. But now it is bumping into Mario Odyssey and that will kill a lot of its hype and sales potential. Hoping they can learn all of the lessons they need on this game and are given the chance to put out a stellar sequel.

ThePermSeptember 26, 2017

Damnit playtonic. You should know better.  I still have an older version of Unity simply because updating it doesn't work on my OS.

Over-eagerness of pressing upgrade in Unity every few months could put your project in constant delay. Probably why it didn't come out on Wii U.

Even before my OS became obsolete it was pretty apparent that upgrading fucks up your ability to compile. Now they have to re-write the code so it works in newer Unity. I've never published a game, but jeez this shouldn't become a problem.

The most common type of thread I've ran into on the unity forums is something like "I upgraded unity from unity x to unity y and now this doesn't work, what is the work around?"

StratosSeptember 26, 2017

You should never play around with new tech when you have a product deadline. Just pick a reliable tech ans stick with it.

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