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Yoshi for Nintendo Switch Announced

by Carmine Red - June 13, 2017, 9:46 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo

No longer woolly, these Yoshis will be launching eggs in a 2.5D cardboard craft world in 2018.

Yoshi is coming to Nintendo Switch. But as Nintendo's E3 Spotlight trailer for the game claims, "there are two sides to every story... and every stage!"

The game appears to be a puzzle platformer in the same vein as previous titles in the series. Aesthetically speaking, it does take a shift: Yoshi appears more fuzzy than wooly upon closer inspection, and the world is more like a cardboard paper creation (with other craft-esque elements) than the woolly environments from previous outings. The trailer also featured explicit depth-of-field effects as Yoshi aimed and fired eggs at enemies and secrets in the foreground and background.

The gameworld is presented in 3D, and accordingly the gameplay isn't a straight two-dimensional side-scrolling affair. Yoshi's main path appeared at times to recede into the background or foreground (one point showed a 3d field where Yoshi was contending with a runaway cardboard train and the game path gives the player some different directions to move in), and you are able to "flip" the camera around 180 degrees with a Yoshi ground-pound moveand continue playiong the level from the opposite perspective.

The game also showcased what appears to be cooperative multiplayer, with two Yoshis on the screen working in conjunction and pushing a toy giraffe over shyguy enemies.

Right now the game is simply titled "Yoshi", and Nintendo left the trailer with a simple 2018 date as regards its expected release.


ForgottenPearlJune 13, 2017

I wish they kept the wool aesthetic. :(  Not much to say other than that, though: I can't really imagine the two-side gimmick changing things up much.

Mop it upJune 13, 2017

This could be interesting.

DonkeyBilly KongJune 13, 2017

Love the aesthetic.  The gameplay seems targeted at young kids, which is cool.  They deserve something better than LeapFrog.

Fatty The HuttJune 13, 2017

This looks adorable and fun. Love it.

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