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Fire Emblem Echoes Season Pass Revealed

by Donald Theriault - May 3, 2017, 6:51 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

This must be Anna's work.

The DLC plans for Fire Emblem Echoes have been announced, and a lot of gold will be required to get it all.

There will be five packs for the game, with the first available on the game's launch date of May 19, and a season pass in the style of Fire Emblem Fates packs will be available for US$44.99. The packs and release dates are:

  • Fledgling Warriors (May 19, $7.99): A new dungeon and two maps designed for experience gaining
  • Undaunted Heroes (May 25, $9.99): A new dungeon and two challenge maps
  • Lost Altars (May 25, $14.99): A series of dungeons with exclusive class upgrades
  • Rise of the Deliverance (June 1, $12.99): Prologue chapters with additional voice work, support conversations and backstory
  • 5th Pack (date unknown, $5.99): Details TBA


ClexYoshiMay 03, 2017

My least favorite thing about the post-awakening Fire Emblem games. :D Joy!

Triforce HermitMay 03, 2017

Aside from Rise of the Deliverance, this looks overpriced. I could be wrong as I don't know the length of these dungeons, but the fact this is double the price BotW's season pass is ridiculous and the content better be worth it.

ClexYoshiMay 03, 2017

OF COURSE IT'S OVERPRICED! It costs more than the F@$#ing game!

I'm actually upset about this. I was willing to be optimistic about this, but I think FIre Emblem is truly starting to transform into something grotesque that I want little to no part of... which is a shame because I truly do love where this all came from.

StratosMay 03, 2017

Wow...and I thought things improved with Fate's DLC being reasonably priced. Guess I'll be going back to buying the relevant pieces for me (the new classes pretty much).

I am hoping that we get a pack that makes the amiibo classed available to your units. Still bummed out that we never got Roy/Male Great Lord for Fates.

StratosMay 03, 2017

This is also making me concerned with the prospect of what the DLC for Fire Emblem Heroes will be. On one hand, I want a lot of character and weapon options, but on the other, I don't want to pay TOO much to get the characters I want.

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