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Fire Emblem Echoes Offers Limited Edition, Amiibo Function Detailed

by Donald Theriault - March 21, 2017, 5:34 am PDT
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Hopefully more common than previous Fire Emblem limited editions.

Following the success of the Fire Emblem Fates limited edition, there will be one for the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes.

Nintendo of America announced the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition bundle today. For $59.99/$79.99, the bundle contains the game, a hardcover art book, a "Sound Selection" CD, a pin set with Alm, Celica and Marth, and a cover sheet designed to look like the 1992 Famicom game's box art. The bundle will be available from "select retailers" and release on the same day as the game, May 19.

Amiibo support will be in the game, and the Alm and Celica figures launching on May 19 will unlock bonus dungeons. Amiibo in general will summon "illusory heroes" for a single turn, while existing and upcoming Smash Bros series figures for other Fire Emblem characters will summon heroes such as Ike and Corrin. The Alm and Celica Amiibo will also save the levels of the characters ingame to allow a stronger version of the characters to be summoned as needed.

UPDATE: The limited edition will also come to Europe, and will include the Echoes Amiibo.


SorenMarch 21, 2017

Just to note that the EU version of this LE comes with the amiibo included. Great job again Nintendo of America!

KhushrenadaMarch 21, 2017

I'd like to take this moment to congratulate the scalpers on their purchase of the special edition bundles. It's always nice to get these announcements of what's happening in their world every once in awhile and being able to know what other people will be able to buy that will be unavailable to me. I'm sure they'll treasure them forever.

nickmitchMarch 22, 2017

This wouldn't happen if Nintendo weren't so good at the "limited" part.

Triforce HermitMarch 22, 2017

Hope there are still copies for pre-order by Friday. I really want this but these scalpers are getting worse.

StratosMarch 22, 2017

I'm bowing out of this one, just not enough there for me to justify the purchase; I'm already getting the game and the amiibo.

Hopefully the frothing demand in Japan which led to Nintendo upping the supply will mean more available here.

Added some gameplay footage to the article.

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