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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Out Now

by Donald Theriault - November 2, 2016, 7:19 am EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Nintendo Direct

Bringing new friends and of course, weed relief.

The Animal Crossing New Leaf update for Amiibo support is now live.

After talking to the genie Wisp in the game, tapping an Amiibo card or certain amiibo (Splatoon and Zelda series) will add the character to Harvey's Campground where they can give you items and make requests in the game. The items will be exclusive to the RV.

Tapping amiibo figures will add new games such as Animal Crossing Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape (from Amiibo Festival) to the game. Happy Home Designer save data will also be read to order items, and a home design mode has been added to New Leaf.


TOPHATANT123November 02, 2016

Well that was strange.

So it's mostly for amiibo collectors? I didn't love New Leaf when it came out, and this doesn't sound like the update that will make me try it again. Nice gesture for the many fans out there, though.

ejamerNovember 02, 2016

I'd argue better than "nice gesture". For anyone who collected Animal Crossing Amiibo figures or cards, this is a big deal. New mini-games,  new characters, the ability to have more control over your town... It's all good news, and the first time many Animal Crossing Amiibo collections will have any functionality beyond looking pretty.

Obviously this won't make the game appealing if you didn't enjoy it already - but I'd argue that such people aren't the target audience anyway.  It certainly does make the card collecting more appealing (for me at least).

My only complaint is timing: obviously rolling this out at the same time as the Amiibo cards would've been a better business idea...  :)

Edit: Oh, and I guess this is more incentive to get a New 3DS when I replace my 3DS XL. Amiibo functions will be easier that way, and it hardly seems worth buying an extra portal to scan a few cards.

DonkeyBilly KongNovember 02, 2016

I enjoyed everything about this Nintendo Direct.  If Nintendo made a live action Animal Crossing in this style, it would make an excellent weekly dose of happiness.

Mop it upNovember 02, 2016

I guess the sad future of Animal Crossing is piles of amiibo junk...

ejamerNovember 02, 2016

Quote from: Mop

I guess the sad future of Animal Crossing is piles of amiibo junk...

But is any of the new content actually necessary?  I mean, the Amiibo additions are nice extras, and they give you some more control over who you see... but even without any of the cards/figures the game that I paid for initially has only been enhanced with a couple of new additions.

As someone who bought and collected cards with no expectation that they would be useful, I'm still pretty excited. My favorite villagers from past games can finally come visit - or maybe live in - my New Leaf town!

rygarNovember 02, 2016

I think it's a big improvement personally, enough so that I started a nascent collection just to get my favorite villagers. The game was almost becoming a chore because part of the reason I was playing it so frequently was just to try to hopefully prevent favorite neighbors from moving out. Now I can have a lot more fun playing when I want to, because if someone moves, it's not permadeath of the worst kind.

The extra storage space and tap-and-drag functionality are huge improvements too.

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