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Devil's Third Online Service Ending In December

by Donald Theriault - June 23, 2016, 7:59 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

Price cuts are intended to coincide with this.

One of the Wii U's most notorious titles will be losing its online services at the end of the year.

An announcement on Nintendo's support website has indicated that the online services for Devil's Third will end on December 28 of this year. The in game "Golden Egg" microtransactions will no longer be available as of noon Eastern time Monday.

Although not mentioned in this morning's download press release, the digital price of the game will be dropped by 50% to $29.99/$42.29. Similar price reductions will be in place for other territories. The online service was only active for 16 months total, with just over a year in North America due to the delayed release, the shortest time of online service for a Nintendo first party title.


EnnerJune 23, 2016

And it all fades in to the dust it was born from.

Sad for those that got in to the clan system where you build and invade each others castles.

MythtendoJune 23, 2016

Not surprising. Nintendo of America didn't even want to publish the game because it was so terrible (and only changed their mind because some sadists wanted them to release the game even if it sucked), and when they did release it they did so in very small amounts (some GameStop stores only got 1 or 2 copies), even the re-sellers were not able to sell many online because no one wanted the game.

PhilPhillip Stortzum, June 23, 2016

That awesome logo deserved a better game!  :'(

Darth AsterixJune 23, 2016

(Not that I would get it anyway, but) $29.99/$42.29? $30 US is only $38.25 right now.


ShyGuyJune 23, 2016

Proud Owner! Single player was more my bag though. Did it ever come to PC?

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