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Some Xenoblade Chronicles X DLC Will Be Free In North America, Europe

by Donald Theriault - September 15, 2015, 9:00 am PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Game Informer

The previously paid DLC adds four new characters

The new issue of Game Informer magazine has provided an update on some of Xenoblade Chronicles X's optional content.

Four recruitable characters who were paid DLC in the Japanese version of the title will be free for North America and Europe. Each character will be recruitable after completing three missions, and will provide either a weapon or Skell blueprint.

Each of the characters - known as HB, Boze, Ierv and Aksena - will also come with two unique Artes for use in combat.


fred13September 15, 2015

Has the special edition become available anywhere besides Amazon yet? By the time I heard about it Amazon had sold out. I gave them my email and asked to be informed if more became available, but I don't anticipate that happening so I'm hoping to be able to get it from Best Buy or Game Stop at some point.

GameStop has been taking preorders online off and on for a bit. Call your local store and check if they're open there.

kokumakerSeptember 15, 2015

I pre-ordered my Special Edition in-store at GameStop, and it's also available for pre-order at GameStop.com as I write this (I just checked). Go get it!

EnnerSeptember 15, 2015

Good to see that we're getting the DLC characters for free. That saves me an assumed $15-20.

I wonder if we'll be getting the experience, currency, and material boosters. I figure Nintendo would want to offer the early-unlock for the costume armor option somehow.

Mop it upSeptember 15, 2015

Is it confirmed that this will be free no matter what, or is it an early adapter sort of bonus?

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