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Ironfall Invasion Temporarily Removed From eShop

by Donald Theriault - August 11, 2015, 4:45 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo of Europe

Game known to be a vector for unauthorized software.

The VD-Dev shooter Ironfall Invasion has been temporarily removed from the eShop in Europe and North America.

The pulldown was announced by Nintendo of Europe on their Twitter feed earlier today:

Although NoE did not specify the reason for the game's temporary removal, the game is known to be used for the installation of unauthorized software. It is expected that the game will return to the eShop once the flaw has been patched, either in system firmware or a patch to the game itself.

UPDATE 7:40pm Eastern: We can confirm that Ironfall Invasion has also been removed from the eShop in North America.

Searching "Invasion" produces only three DSiWare games and videos related to them.


Mop it upAugust 11, 2015

I heard about people trying to exploit these games, I wonder if being taken down means someone got some homebrew working using it.

The story has been updated: It's gone in North America as well.

Quote from: Mop

I heard about people trying to exploit these games, I wonder if being taken down means someone got some homebrew working using it.

Someone had region free and homebrew running, and although they explicitly blocked piracy of 3DS games it was probably inevitable.

The BIG problem with this game in particular being a vector is that it's a free-to-start game so anyone can walk in and download it from the eShop. Previous workarounds used retail games that never made it to the eShop, so there was a limit to how many people could access it.

TOPHATANT123August 11, 2015

Wasn't cubic ninja taken off the eshop in Japan as well? As much as I would a love region free system, I am glad Nintendo is taking a proactive approach to preventing piracy and stopping software sales from going completely down the toilet like it did for DS, or even PSP or Dreamcast.

I absolutely despise region locking, but if hacking the 3DS opens the door to piracy (which it will), in my eyes it is the lesser of two evils.

SorenAugust 16, 2015


Is Nintendo going to remove the YouTube app from the eShop as well? Cause this is the can of worms they're opening up, and it's all basically an indictment of their silly region locking practices. Pretty soon every free download from the eShop will have to be removed.

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