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Amazon Announces Wave 4 Amiibo Release Plans

by Donald Theriault - May 28, 2015, 5:12 pm EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Amazon

The last chance for glory, for fun, or to be a filthy scapler.

Amazon was the last retailer in the United States to post their availability for the group of Amiibo releasing tomorrow, and they have adopted an unusual release strategy according to an email sent to those who signed up for product notifications.

Rather than take preorders, Amazon has elected to post the Amiibo on release day and at a random point in a half hour period beginning at 2pm PT/5pm ET. Each Amiibo will go up for sale roughly every 30 minutes. The starting times and order is as follows:

  • Pac Man (2pm/5pm)
  • Charizard (2:30/5:30)
  • Splatoon Inkling Boy (3:00/6:00)
  • Lucina (3:30/6:30)
  • Wario (4:00/7:00)
  • Splatoon Inkling Girl (4:30/7:30)
  • Silver Mario (5:00/8:00)
  • Robin (5:30/8:30)
  • Splatoon Three-Pack (6:00/9:00)

Each Amiibo will be limited to 1 per person in an attempt to prevent hoarding, and Amazon will disable the 1-click function on these Amiibo. The email recommends ensuring payment and shipping information are available beforehand, but does not mention what happens if ordering multiple Amiibo with standard shipping.


Triforce HermitMay 28, 2015

Someone is actually trying to help the situation. Which is sad because that is Nintendo's obligation, not the middle man. I might make an attempt for Lucina, but I'm not holding my breath.

kokumakerMay 29, 2015

3:30 has come and gone. Did Lucina actually ever go up for sale? I kept my eye on her for half an hour, and all her price ever did was jump from $50 to $60.  >:(

nickmitchMay 29, 2015

Nabbed a Charizard.

I also noticed Pac-Man was up for quite a bit.

kokumakerMay 29, 2015

Every store I visited this morning was overflowing with Pac-Man amiibo. Charizards and Warios seemed pretty plentiful as well. Nobody received more than four of Robin or Lucina, but I got all the other new ones with no problems.

LouieturkeyMay 29, 2015

So is it that Robin will show up at some point between now and 6pm?

kokumakerMay 29, 2015

He's scheduled to go up again at 8:30, but I'm having my doubts.

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