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Nintendo Newsletter: Shovel Knight Digging Through To Store Shelves?

by the NWR Staff - April 14, 2015, 4:55 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Best Buy, @MonsterHunter, Project CARS

In a big Nintendo Newsletter, you might see the misadventures of Butt Butt at your local retailer.

We’ve already had major Wii U and 3DS announcements today, but there’s still more news to come in today's Nintendo Newsletter.

Shovel Knight Getting A Retail Release?

Best Buy has added listings for a 3DS retail release for Shovel Knight.

The site lists September 15 as the release date and $29.99 as the price, and since the date falls on a Tuesday that could be a potential release date. However, the price may be adjusted before release as previous releases of digital games have been at $19.99, such as the late Vita release of Child of Light.

Yacht Club Games is listed as the publisher, but sent out a statement on their Twitter denying the release:

Our Take: “Everyone should’ve played this by now, but for those who aren’t willing to take the eShop plunge, go get your preorder in now so Yacht Club knows there’s a demand.” – Donald Theriault

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sells A Million In The West

Capcom’s newest hunting action game has crossed a million in North America and Europe.

The announcement was sent out on the Monster Hunter Twitter feed along with an announcement of a free 3DS theme in celebration of the accomplishment.

Although it’s not as fast as the Japanese version, which clears a million in a day, Ultimate crossed a million in two months after the NA/EU release. Both digital and physical sales are counted.

Our Take: “As it stands, it’s my game of the year, so it’s good to see the series keep growing and hopefully get faster localizations.” – Donald Theriault

"Hopefully this shows Capcom and other Japanese publishers that there is a legitimate hunger for their games in the West." - Addison Webb

Project CARS Still Targeting 2015 For Wii U

Slightly Mad Studio’s ultra-realistic racer will be out next month for PS4 and Xbox One, but Wii U owners should still see the title later this year.

In an update to the site’s FAQ, the timeframe for the Wii U and Steam OS versions is given, along with a note from the developers citing the need to make sure the technology works well for the future and to squash last minute bugs.

The game was originally Kickstarted to the tune of €3.75m.

Our Take: “I’ll still check it out if, er, when it comes out.” – Donald Theriault

"Nintendo has never had a legitimate simulation racing experience on a home console. As a fan of that genre I look forward to Project Cars on Wii U. Hopefully the extra time will produce some unique features for the platform." - Addison Webb

Quick Hits

  • Updates for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Citizens of Earth have gone live. The Wii U update is about 1.5GB, while the 3DS update is over 9000 blocks, so get your external storage ready.
  • In other Atlus RPG news, NIS America will be handling publishing duties in Europe for three of Atlus’s major RPGs. Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker will both release in the fall, while Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold will launch “early next year”.
  • Pokemon #720 has been fully revealed: The Pokemon Company has released the first gameplay video of Hoopa-Unbounded. Hoopa-U is Psychic/Dark typed, has quite high offensive stats, and can be one-shot by a properly equipped Caterpie.


SorenApril 14, 2015

I'm very happy SMS is still talking about the Wii U version of Project Cars. I'm not so sure how ready the Wii U version is though, given the multiple delays on the PS4One versions.

ejamerApril 14, 2015

Quote from: Soren

I'm very happy SMS is still talking about the Wii U version of Project Cars. I'm not so sure how ready the Wii U version is though, given the multiple delays on the PS4One versions.

Although glad they are still talking about it, I'm worried that by the time the Wii U version is ready the console will be all but dead.

(Quite frankly, Wii U has never exactly been a hot seller... will Wii U owners even care when this gets released? Outside of the oddball group of crazy Nintendo fans at the forums here, that is. We'll buy anything.)

>looks at Project Cars Screen
"wow what a good looking game I can't wait to... wait... are those just 2D pictures of trees? As in Donkey Kong style digitized trees? What year is it?"

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