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Miyamoto Talks About the Future of Mario

by Neal Ronaghan - December 19, 2014, 8:07 am PST
Total comments: 7 Source: ABC News

Mario's next big thing might not be on Wii U.

Mario is poised to star in a new game or take on a new role on Nintendo's next system. In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto said he wants his creation to "usher in the next era."

That next era is already being worked on, according to Miyamoto, as the company is already working on ideas for the next system.

"I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game," Miyamoto said about Mario's future.

No timetable was given for Nintendo's next console aside from the fact that internal groups and production lines are already working on ideas. This practice isn't uncommon for Nintendo, as the company typically starts thinking of the next system shortly after launching a new one.

The shortest time between Nintendo home consoles has been five years. The Wii U just celebrated its two-year anniversary.


the asylumDecember 19, 2014


this leaves them more time to work on f-zero u

...let me be delusional

Mop it upDecember 19, 2014

This just means he'll be wearing a new hat.

New 3DS Super Mario Bros incoming

If they were going to do that it'd be called New Super Mario Bros. 3(DS). Still shocked that that's not what NSMB2 was called.

EasyCureDecember 19, 2014

Quote from: Mop

This just means he'll be wearing a new hat.

Like Malibu Stacey?!?!

But seriously.. this is a little disappointing to here, but also very exciting. After NSMB WU, the Luigi expansion, and 3D world, I was hoping for another game on the scale of Galaxy, something that would blow our minds yet still feel like a Mario game. Glad to know its coming, just disappointed it won't be soon. Though the "Mario may be in a new game" bit isn't very exciting, its to be expected, but a new Mario game to "usher in a new era" is whats tantalizing. It just begs the question, what is Nintendo cooking up for the next console that they have to save the next BIG Mario? What are they planning that they can't do on the Wii U?

Ian SaneDecember 22, 2014

I'm down on Mario a lot but it's because he's overexposed.  A new Mario platformer used to be a big deal but now it's practically an annual release.  Also Mario went from being the cutting edge of the platformer genre to being a very retro-design series.

When I think of Mario and Nintendo I like to think of the ambition and innovation of Super Mario 64.  Miyamoto and his team were jumping into the unknown on that one and it could have blown up in their faces but instead it inspired practically all 3D videogame design.  That alone would make Mario around the top for most important videogame franchises ever but SMB1 had effectively the same influence on the genre ten years prior so Mario has to be number one, right?  Probably 90% of videogames made over the last 30 years have some piece to it where you could say "they got that from Mario."  With that sort of history the safe design of the NSMB seems almost disrespectful.

So Miyamoto saying he wants Mario to usher in a new era is exactly what I want to hear.  That's Mario's MO.  You don't launch a console with some retro-style 2D game that could have been made multiple generations ago, you do it with Mario showing the rest of the industry how it's done.  Do I trust Nintendo or Miyamoto to deliver?  No, not anymore.  They need to regain that trust but this is still the right attitude for them to have coming in.

CericDecember 22, 2014

Quote from: EasyCure

Quote from: Mop

This just means he'll be wearing a new hat.

Like Malibu Stacey?!?!

Or Mewtwo

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