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Mega Man Coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

by Neal Ronaghan - October 11, 2014, 9:39 am EDT
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Dress up your Palico as Mega Man and don some Tetsuya Nomura armor.

Mega Man is coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in cat form, according to a Capcom panel at New York Comic Con.

You can use Mega Man as a Palico, one of the helper cats in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. He uses a Rush Hammer and also makes the classic Mega Man death sound when he retreats.

Additionally, a Tetsuya Nomura Collection of weapons and armor is on the way. The gear is inspired by Final Fantasy summons and can be used with the Final Fantasy-inspired Palico.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is due out in early 2015 on 3DS. This content will be out alongside it.



CericOctober 11, 2014

I think they missed the naming.  MH4FS

StratosOctober 11, 2014

This game keeps getting better and better. So stoked for it.

Hey, Capcom,

Look, I know you love Mega Man. I mean, you tell us you do constantly. You'll let him cameo or be a costume. Heck, Nintendo got him in Smash. Clearly, the heart of a reploid still beats. But goddamn seriously? A costume? You made Mega Man cat armor - it's like the Halo cat helmet in game form. 2010 was the last mega man game in ANY form (unless you count the HORRIFIC Rockman Xover for iPhone).

Look how excited people got for Mega Man in Smash. Go back and watch people play it at public events - they GRAVITATE to trying out Mega Man. You know people care, or you wouldn't have bothered to add Mega Man to the ever-growing list of franchises with MonHan costumes. But this is different than Sonic or Metroid, you OWN this franchise. Seriously, this franchise sold 28 million units for you, and every fifth game made by indies is Mega Man inspired. You guys said yourself that Mega Man 9 "far exceeded" expectations! Where the heck are you guys?

Certainly not making new games - Capcom published ZERO original titles in North America this year. What did/will we get? Ports of Ace Attorney, ports of the Dead Rising game people didn't really care for, yet ANOTHER version of Street Fighter 4. Did I miss something? You couldn't find a development house willing to make you a Mega Man game? I don't know of any company that makes me angry the way you guys do.

Thanks for that.

I'm going to go back and read the impressions of the one man outside Capcom who got to play Legends 3 Demo Edition again and cry into my whisky.

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