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New Hyrule Warriors Combatants Include Agitha, Lana the White Witch

by Clay Johnson - June 24, 2014, 7:36 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Famitsu

There are other new details regarding classic Zelda items and characters set to appear, and some new trailers, too.

Agitha from Twilight Princess and an original character named Lana the White Witch have been revealed as playable characters in Hyrule Warriors, according to information originating from Famitsu.

Agitha battles armed with a parasol and can also summon and attack with insects, as is befitting the self-proclaimed Princess of Bugs. Lana fights by using a magical book, forming barriers to push enemies away. Should the barriers be destroyed, the resulting shock can cause damage to her.

Famitsu also referenced the inclusion of the long-time Zelda item known as the Hookshot, which allows characters to gain access to previously inaccessible areas. Twilight Princess bosses Argorok and Zant are slated to make appearances in Hyrule Warriors in some capacity, as well. The former was the boss of that game's City in the Sky dungeon, while the latter was one of the main antagonists.

Tecmo Koei has also put forth a couple new Japanese trailers in recent days, one featuring Impa's swordplay and the other showing off the power of the Fire Rod. Check them out below.


SundoulosJune 25, 2014

Odd choices for new playable characters.  It's not as if there aren't a number of existing characters that could be adapted as playable (particularly in Twilight Princess), so why would the developers feel that they need to make up a new one?

CericJune 25, 2014

Wow, Agitha is a surprise for a choice.

Triforce HermitJune 25, 2014

Agitha? Really? Whose next? Romani? Wait a minute, I actually prefer Romani to Agitha.

Good thing they are adding more original characters. I would have hated a character roster made up entirely of already made up characters from previous games. Would just be lazy.

SundoulosJune 25, 2014

I generally don't mind new characters, but for a game that is largely being sold on fan service, it just seem strange that they would go the route of not using existing characters.  I would've preferred another non-human character like a Goron, Zora or even a Rito. 

It is interesting to note that all of the other known playable characters are female. 

SundoulosJune 25, 2014

...aside from Link, I mean. 

Triforce HermitJune 25, 2014

That is Team Ninja at work for you. In DoA, Kasumi and Ayane have 50+ costumes. The other females have around 10. The Hayabusa has around 10. The other males are lucky if they break 5.

Speaking of Hayabusa, it would be great to have him as a cameo character in this.

motangJune 28, 2014

Glad to see that other characters are being put in. Looking forward to the game.

NotMarioJune 28, 2014

If they're putting in such minor characters I hope this is a sign that we really will have a huge list of playable characters like Aonuma said. I'd love to see the ridiculousness of characters like Malon, Ingo and Tingle. Epona would even be a cool playable fighter, complete with talking horse dialogue! I hope they really go all out and have all sorts of obscure NPCs (and let us maybe play as villains).

Black JackalJune 30, 2014

There are tons of characters in the Zelda series. I would rather see them in this then generic anime inspired characters.

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