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Mario Kart 8 Getting Mercedes-Benz DLC

by Clay Johnson - June 21, 2014, 12:54 am EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo of America (Twitter), Nintendo of Europe (Twitter), Famitsu

A GLA-Class kart is expected to be available for download this summer.

Nintendo is distributing Mario Kart 8 DLC in the form of a downloadable kart modeled after the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class.

This DLC was announced for Japan the day before the game’s release, but has now been confirmed for other territories via the Twitter accounts for Nintendo of America and Europe. The Japanese reveal made it clear that the kart would be free to download, though the American and European announcements were mum on that issue.

The specific distribution method for the kart is unclear, so it is unknown whether it will occur seamlessly via SpotPass or must be initiated by players. The DLC is expected to be made available sometime this summer.

The real-life GLA-Class is a new compact crossover automobile whose design is modified for its appearance in the game. Specifically, though the real-life car is not a convertible, the in-game model will be roofless in accordance with customary Mario Kart designs, allowing characters’ heads to remain visible during races.

In Japan, this cross-promotion between Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz was accompanied by a television commercial that Nintendo fans might find interesting. Check it out below.


Scatt-ManJune 21, 2014

B-b-but we're still so far away from April, I don't get it!

MythtendoJune 21, 2014

If it's free, the I see no problem with it

ClexYoshiJune 21, 2014

I love that commercial because it hits so many uncanny valleys, including but not limited to hearing a Japanese person not butcher the word "Mercedes", seeing what Kevlar Overalls would look like, seeing what it would have looked like if there was just a straight up Mario Character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 instead of silly costumes, and seeing the Mushroomy kingdom in a setting that isn't Smash Bros, and seeing an actor in a very strange prosthetic nose making an expression similar to the Ron Jeremy Mario face in response to getting Goom'd.

Mop it upJune 21, 2014

I saw this when it was announced for Japan. I'll probably download it since it's free but don't know if I'll use it much. I also wonder what stats it has, and if it's a separate frame, wheels, and glider that can be mixed in with other parts or if it can only be used as is.

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