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Abyss Coming in May to Wii U

by Addison Webb - April 22, 2014, 1:03 am EDT
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Which will run out of juice first, your robot’s light or your gamepad’s battery?

Abyss has been announced for release on the Nintendo Wii U eShop by developer EnjoyUp Games.

In the year 3024 the Earth’s natural resources have become scarce and the human race’s survival is in danger. To search for new resources a biomechanical robot, Nep3no, has been created to explore the extreme depths of the earth.

The player’s goal will be to search for Gaia energy stones through piloting Nep2no. In doing so, the player will counteract gravity and the surrounding darkness with a light which slowly goes out little by little.

Abyss will feature 12 original missions, including an additional eight missions in “Dark Mode”. In addition, the game will feature a competitive two-player and Off-TV mode, as well as new graphic effects and remixed music .

Abyss will be released May 1 for $1.99.

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