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Super Mario World Leads April's Club Nintendo Games

by Zack Kaplan - April 7, 2014, 3:08 pm EDT
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Mario goes golfing and you become an artist in this month's rewards.

Four new games are available as rewards on Club Nintendo this month.

The games included are Trajectile, Super Mario World, Art Academy: First Semester, and Mario Golf.

A DSiWare title, Trajectile has you bouncing missiles around to solve puzzles. For 200 coins, you can download it on 3DS eShop.

Super Mario World is a classic platformer. If you have never played it you are simply missing out on an important piece of Nintendo history. Originally launched with the SNES, this game propelled Mario into the 16-bit era in what many consider to be his finest 2D adventure. You can download it for 200 coins exclusively on the Wii U.

Learn to be an artist in Art Academy: First Semester. This DSiWare game teaches you the fundamentals of art. So maybe you won't become a world famous artist, but for only 200 coins, you can improve your skills, only on the 3DS.

Lastly is Mario Golf for the N64. Downloadable on the Wii Shop Channel on the Wii and Wii Mode on the Wii U. For 250 coins, you can join up with Mario and friends in his first 3D golf outing.

Get 'em while they're hot! These games will only be available until May 11.


ejamerApril 07, 2014

Ooh... I'd love to grab Super Mario World on Wii U.  Will have to see if I can scrounge up 200 coins from old surveys and such.

Chad SexingtonApril 07, 2014

560 points and forever waiting for something worth spending to points on for the 3DS.

Every month; garbage, garbage, and more garbage.

jarodeaApril 07, 2014

Quote from: Chad

560 points and forever waiting for something worth spending to points on for the 3DS.

Every month; garbage, garbage, and more garbage.

Hey now, it isn't all garbage, I just happen to own everything that isn't is my problem.  Except for Starship Defense of course.

leahsdadApril 07, 2014

Oh, it's not THAT bad.

I would get Mario World too, if not for the fact that I got it as a part of a package deal with Super Mario 2 last year. 

I've sort of learned that you should avoid buying 1st party Nintendo titles on VC BECAUSE they're far more likely to get offered up on these Club Nintendo promotions.  If you look down the list, the games that have been offered so far include Majora's Mask, Link to the Past, Mario 64, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario RPG, Punchout, Dillon's Rolling Western Starship Defense, etc...

I know that sounds not-so-great, but in this meta-mini-game of predicting sales and discounts which the internet, and especially Steam, have indoctrinated so many of us into, its really hard not to think that way.  I'm sure PS Plus subscribers do the same thing, with like "Well, there's no point in my buying the next Uncharted game because that will surely come up in PS Plus in 6 months.)

rlse9April 07, 2014

Nice, I think I'll pick up Super Mario World, I don't think I've played that game since playing it back on the SNES.  Since it's for Wii U, that means it can be played on the gamepad, right?

Mario Golf 64 is tempting but after how awesome Tiger Woods for Wii was, I don't know that I could go back to playing a button based golf game.  And I have the Gamecube version which was a blast back in the day, maybe I'll give that a try and see if it's still fun now.

jg233April 07, 2014

I finally bought SMW last month (I've owned multiple other copies though) and now they offer it for free. Well, shoot.

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