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Rodea the Sky Soldier Still Coming to Wii, 3DS

by Daan Koopman - July 26, 2013, 5:11 pm EDT
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Kadokawa Games' president gives the much requested update to the fans.

Prope's Rodea the Sky Soldier is still coming to the Wii and Nintendo 3DS. This was announced by Kadokawa's company president Yoshimi Yasuda in an interview with 4gamer.

The reason why Kadokawa Games remained so silent on the title, according to Yasuda, is that media simply lost interest in the title.  The game was originally in development for 3DS and Wii, but as the main project was for Wii, the controls didn't feel right on 3DS so they determined they had to move in the direction of making a control style for 3DS. They want the player to really have tight controls and feel the flying elements of the game with each button push.  The company wants to make a game that is going to be really enjoyed in full 360 degrees, so the producer is taking his time with the game.

According to Yasuda, the Nintendo 3DS version is roughly 70% complete and the quality is currently in a ''plus alpha'' state. What this means is currently still a secret and the president hopes that we are looking forward to the game. There will more information released in the near future.


EnnerJuly 26, 2013

Good to hear.

I clicked to the game's website and they have a movie of the game:


The game looks neat. I hope it comes over.

GKJuly 27, 2013

I hope they actually finish it for Wii & don't upgrade it to merely a WiiU game with Wii graphics.

ShyGuyJuly 27, 2013

Is this one of those Japanese indies that are banned?

azekeJuly 27, 2013

Quote from: ShyGuy

Is this one of those Japanese indies that are banned?

There is no such thing as japanese indies.

Evan_BJuly 27, 2013

So exciting. I fell in love with how this game looked a felt and I hope that it receives a western release- though I think the Wii control scheme is amazing, I wouldn't mind the 3DS either.

Mop it upJuly 28, 2013

Even if their publisher is willing to release a Wii game in 2013 (or 2014...?), it probably wouldn't be worth it, sad to say. They should probably ditch it and focus on the 3DS version, releasing a Wii game seems too risky for a small company.

WahAugust 01, 2013

I think i will stick with Kid icarus: uprising, thank u very much! ;)

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