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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is No Longer a Wii U Exclusive

by Justin Baker - June 11, 2013, 2:55 pm EDT
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The Director's Cut is coming to the 360, PS3, PC, and Mac.

Square Enix has confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is no longer exclusive to the Wii U, and will be releasing on 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

This is frustrating news for Wii U owners who were told that this version of the game would have features only capable on the Wii U. This begs the question: was that simply not true or are the Wii U specific features being ported to the other systems somehow?


SorenJune 11, 2013


ShyGuyJune 11, 2013

Not surprised in the least, it explains the delay.

I just want to know the release date.

Robknoxious1June 11, 2013

They are waiting so long that I'm losing interest. Don't really care if it's exclusive at this point. The original game is two years old almost.

This doesn't surprise me in the least. 

With that being said, I can't see why anyone would pay more than $30 for this, especially with how many times this has shown up on a Steam sale, and PS+ subscribers now get it for "free".

supergttJune 11, 2013

the sales numbers are in. everyone who isn't nintendo and ubisoft have abandoned ship.

I just hope I can get this as dlc for the 2 year old game on PC

ResettisCousinJune 11, 2013

Dang. So that year to 18 months leading up to the Wii U launch, where we assumed it would be a
heaven for "definitive" director's cuts, goty releases, and the strongest day 1 of multi plat releases, was all for not. Ultimately the Wii U will end up having... what, maybe two games that fit this (NFSMW for sure, Tekken TT2 maybe, SR:T maybe)? Preorder canceled, and yes I know what an insane fanboy that makes me sound like.

But honestly, when the Tomb Raider people said there was no Wii U version because they couldn't think up a unique gamepad use (... MAP? ... MAP!?!?), the case was pretty much closed for every third party that Nintendo wasn't directly moneyhatting.

broodwarsJune 11, 2013

Well, this is understandable. Square-Enix didn't want to sell a whopping 10,000 copies of the game, and that's about all they'd get on the sinking Wii U.  At this point, Wii U-only owners should be grateful they even get games with how Nintendo has handled the thing. Wii U owners don't deserve it, but this is the hand Nintendo dealt.

Retro DeckadesJune 11, 2013

Good lord, just release the damn game already.

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