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Capcom Planning Western Release for Ace Attorney 5

by Alex Culafi - September 5, 2012, 4:48 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/image.asp?ids=23_1775..., Famitsu, http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/3DS/Ace+Attorney+5/...

Phoenix also has a brand-new look.

Update (9/6 at 10:18 PM EST): Capcom says that they are "planning to release Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) 5 in the West. We’ll have more news soon".

It has been revealed that Ace Attorney 5 is being planned for a western release. This news comes from a recent comment by Capcom UK to Pocket Gamer.

The upcoming title takes place one year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and that Phoenix Wright will return as the main character. In addition, new leaked Famitsu scans reveal that Wright has a new partner, and that the game will incorporate 3D models.

Ace Attorney 5 releases in Japan next year.



KlonoahedgehogSeptember 05, 2012

Wait, you DON'T play as Apollo!? NOOOOO!!! I like him better!  :'(

broodwarsSeptember 05, 2012

As I said before, Phoenix's story has been told.  His character arc is over.  If the game's going to take place a year after Apollo Justice, it should star him instead.

ZupSeptember 05, 2012

I, for one, welcome our new Phoenix overlord.

pololmejorSeptember 05, 2012

Wow. I wasn't aware people really welcomed Apollo like that. Nice to know, I should give it a try since I have only played the 3 main Phoenix Write games

Now about Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney...

Anth0nySeptember 06, 2012

Fantastic news. I think this game is at the top of my 3DS most wanted list now.

vidsSeptember 06, 2012

I'd prefer an announcement of Monster Hunter 3G being localized from Capcom. Hopefully that ship hasn't sailed yet.

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