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Dragon Quest X Hardware Bundle Coming to Japan

by Danny Bivens - June 12, 2012, 1:15 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2012/06/12/5738..., Inside Games

Possibly the last console bundle for the Wii will arrive this summer.

A Dragon Quest X Wii hardware bundle is coming to Japan on August 2. The bundle will include a black Wii, black Classic Controller Pro, Wii USB memory card, a 1,000 yen Nintendo prepaid card, and a copy of Dragon Quest X: Mesameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku. While this has yet to be formally announced by Nintendo or Square Enix, Nintendo’s recently updated release schedule revealed this information earlier today. The bundle is speculated to cost around 30,000 yen.

Be sure to check out the pictures below of box art below of the game with USB memory card and the stand alone copy.



MiyamotoJune 12, 2012

I hope we don't have to wait long for an announcement on a western release...

DarthBradyJune 12, 2012

I'm holding out for the Wii U version. I just have a feeling the Wii U's control pad may improve the console MMO experience. At least I hope so.

TennindoJune 12, 2012

to bad its an MMO or I would be more then happy to buy this game in a heart beat.
I refuse to pay for any type of Subscription for a $50 game. To bad, it would have made for an awesome single player experience like DQ9 with added Co op or something.. (not MMO type) 

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