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Ubisoft Wii U Trailers and Stage Demos

by James Charlton - June 5, 2012, 7:10 am EDT
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Miss the Ubisoft media briefing? Check out all the Wii U related content in video form here!

The Rayman Legends stage demonstration.

Rayman Legends Ubisoft Conference (Off Screen video)

Ubisoft Wii U Sizzle Reel.

Zombi U trailer.

The Avengers Battle for Earth trailer.


ShyGuyJune 05, 2012

Not a lot of sizzle in that sizzle reel...

house3136June 05, 2012

I tried to ask this during the live chat last night, but I think everyone was half-asleep, understandably. How do you play Rayman Legends with a single player? How does one person control the thumb stick, push a button, and use the touchscreen simultaneously? Is it computer aided? Maybe you can find out on the floor today.

CericJune 05, 2012

Welp, Nothing that really looks like it was real time except for Rayman and it wasn't really that impressive from a visual perspective.

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