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Final Fantasy Versus XIII and More Coming This Week in Fourth Set of Theatrhythm DLC

by Danny Bivens - April 2, 2012, 7:27 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: (Square Enix), http://www.square-enix.co.jp/t_ff/musiclist.html

More tracks from spin off Final Fantasy titles arrives this week.

The fourth installment of downloadable content for Theatrhrhythm Final Fantasy will be available on April 4 with songs being priced at 150 yen each. The following four songs will be available this week:

Final Fantasy II – Madōshi no Tō (Field Music)
Final Fantasy VI – Sentō (Battle Music)
Final Fantasy IX – Hametsu e no Shisha (Battle Music)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Somnus (Field Music)

The release of Somnus from Final Fantasy Versus XIII marks the second spin off Final Fantasy game track to appear in the Theatrhythm.


broodwarsApril 02, 2012

Wow, how screwed-up is FF Vs. 13's development if selections from the soundtrack are coming to other games before it even has a release date?  :-\

I'm starting to wonder at this point whether Square-Enix would be better off just canceling that game and moving on, given the severe development hell it's had that I'm not sure they can still turn a profit from.  Besides, the game looked like crap anyway IMO.

BlkPaladinApril 02, 2012

Yeah usually when something has been in development this long it's either vaporware or it doesn't turn out very well. (Duke Nukem/Too Human) It was announce about 6 years ago near the begining of this console generation and XIII-2 which was announced less than 2 years ago has already been out for a few months. I think they are trying to get some money back from the project.

OblivionApril 02, 2012

Sounds good though.

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